Whatever you think may be of value to your community, to the libertarian community – use my platform to do it… the more people that participate in We Are Libertarians, the more value they get out of it.

So said Chris Spangle when he laid out the goals of We Are Libertarians for 2019. In an effort to maximize the value of the organization he founded (and to make deplatforming WAL more difficult via proliferation of creative and distributive efforts), Spangle presented an open invitation to produce content under the well-known We Are Libertarians banner.

I’m Ryan Lindsey and I’m writer by profession and hobby – naturally, when I heard this invitation to produce under the We Are Libertarians label, my first ideas for how I could contribute involved writing, and due to being a serious fan of journalistic magazines (I cannot recommend subscribing to Reason and The Atlantic enough) I gravitated towards the idea of a magazine format. And thus, the idea for the WAL Reader was born.

Ryan Lindsey, founder of the WAL Reader.

I believe that the advancement of the human condition is a worthwhile and important goal – working to limit human suffering while respecting the inherent rights of all individuals is the entire point of my libertarian philosophy.

I am willing to embrace almost anyone and any idea that is also working towards this central aim (whether intentionally or not). It does not matter to me if you subscribe more to the teachings/ideologies of Bill Weld or Murray Rothbard (or neither), the Cato or Mises Institute (or neither), Milton or David Friedman (or neither) – if you support bettering human life while also advancing liberty, you’re an ally of the WAL Reader. I am all for “big-tent” libertarianism, and WAL Reader is as well.

If you do not consider yourself to be a part of the political or social libertarian movement, I believe that WAL Reader is still for you and has values you can appreciate. For those of you who identify as more progressive, I share with you a deep concern for justice, social and criminal. For anyone who considers their self to be more of a conservative, I share with you a desire for social tranquility and fiscal prudence.

I believe that most people want the same things I previously mentioned (human advancement and liberties). If you believe that too, there’s something here for you.

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